Saturday, 31 December 2016

Prophet Who Predicted TB Joshua’s Death Cries Out – The Prophecy Is Fake And Not From Me [Must Read]


The prophet at the center of the controversial prediction about the impending death of Prophet T.B. Joshua, which is currently trendingonline,

 has come out to denounce and disassociate himself from the“fake prophecy” made by one faceless Dr Olagorioye Faleyimu.

In a statement released to Sahara Weekly, Prophet Peculiar Hephzibah said, “I was shocked to see my picture posted everywhere online today, claiming that I predicted the death of T.B. Joshua amidst other supposed revelations for 2017.I am crying out to the world to help me because I am NOT the person who said this. 

They used my picture but the false prophecy does not come from me. Someone used my picture and credited thisfake prophecy to me.

I am shocked to see it! Let T.B. Joshua know that this is not from me and someone used my picture.

 The same thing will happen to the person who credited this fake prophecy to me – which I know nothing about. 

As he wishes a prophet of God, so it shall happen to him.“I implore all the news sites and blogs who published the fake prophecy –, Daily Post, Pulse, Linda Ikeji and others I cannot mention – to help retract this story immediately. It’s not fromme although it is my picture.

I am shocked! If anyone can help me, please help me to reach T.B. Joshua – because I am ashamed to say I want to reach him with this lie credited to me.

 I know he is a prophet of God and God will reveal to him that I am not the one; they only used my picture.

“This is my advice to bloggers – don’t use any story you see on another website without confirming from the person concerned.

If you cannot reach the person who sent the message, don’t publish it – the person is faceless. Confirm everything before you publish it.

 This is a case of ‘Touch not My Anointed and do My Prophet no harm’. 

This is a curse!”Most of the reactions that trailed the contentious prediction questioned the authenticity of both the prophet and his purported prophecy, noting that no online trace could be found of the man in question or his ministry, either in image or video.


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